Standalone Detectors

Stand Alone Smoke Detector 9v Battery Operated

Product Features:


● Photoelectric sensing technology

● Easy installation and maintenance

● Battery case at the back of a sensor for easy removal of a battery

● Sleek low-profile housing design

● Low-battery warning

● Test button verifies battery and alarm operation

● Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85 dB in alarm mode

Heat Detector 9V Battery Operated

Product Features:

1. Power supply: 9VDC

2. Static current: < 100μA

3. Alarm current: 10-15mA

4. Alarm sonority: ≥85dB (1m)

5. Working humidity: 10%--95%RH

Gas Leak Alarm with Gas shut off Valve

Product Features:

Gas Alarm adopts advanced semiconductor sensor.

Detecting gas: Natural gas or LPG.

Working hum: <>

Output: Relay output or Pulse voltage output.

The combustible leakage gas can be detected by the method of light/sound alarm and driver the valve to remove the danger.

Note: This product can be used as independent family alarm equipment, and also can be used as front detector of alarm system.