Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Manual Call Point Resetable

General Fire Alarm Control Panel Conventional

Smoke Alarm 9v Battery Operated

Fire Resistance Cable

Red & White

Emergency Light NM ,LED & Tube


Single & Double Stand For Extinguishers

Angle Valve 2.5''

Breaching Inlets

Sprinkler Upright

Concealed Sprinklers White & Chrome

Hose Reel

Automatic Dry Powder


Pistol Grip Nozzle PIS367

Wet Alarm Valve

Co2 Swelve type horn

5Kg Co2 Hose & Horn

Dcp Head Valve

Automatic Dcp Valve

Co2 Trolley Hose Horn

Inspection Tag

Safety Pin

Cap For Landing & Breaching Inlet

Hose For Hose reel 1'' x 30Mtr

Breathing Apparatus


Smoke Tester

Fire Extinguisher Tubular Stand Red Coated

Smoke Detector

Sounder & Flahser

Smoke Detector Conventional with base MS229

Heat Alarm 9v Battery Operated

R Clips for Cable Red & White

Exit Light 2way Wall mounted & Celling

Electric Siren MS490

Steel Double Stand For Extinguishers

Landing Valve oblique Flange 2.5''

Fire Hydrant

Sprinkler Pendant

Fog Water Sprinkler

Single Door Cabinet for Hose Reel Surface & Recessed

All Type of Extinguishers

Fire Hose Reel Nozzle 2.5''

Foam Inductor & Tube

PRV 1''

Co2 Straight Horn

Lead Seal

Trolley Extinguisher Head Valve

Safety Seal Tag

Dcp Trolley Hose

Co2 Bracket

Key Box

Bracket for Extinguishers Red

Hose Reel Nozzle 1'' & 3/4''

Fire Man Suit Thermal CSS

Lifebuoy Ring

Wind Socks

Fire Extinguisher Tubular Stand Chrome Plated

Heat Detector

Alarm Bell 6'' & 8''Wp

Heat Detector Conventional with base MS228

Gas Detector 220Ac

Flood Emergency Light

Exit Light with different arrows

Electric Siren MS590

Fire Extinguishers Cover

Landing Valve oblique Screw 2.5''


Sprinkler HSW

Escutcheon Plate

Double Door Cabinet for Hose Reel Surface & Recessed Stainless Steel

Trolley Extinguishers Foam & Dcp

Male & Female Adapter 2.5''

Fire Hose 2.5'' x 30mtr

Co2 Refilling Machine

Dcp Hoses Small & Big

2Kg To 5Kg Co2 Head Valve

Dcp Trolley Extinguisher Head Valve m30

Pressure Gauge

Foam & Water Extinguisher Hose

Dcp Bracket

Hose Reel Cabinet Lock

Rotary Hand Bell

Fire Blankets

Fireman Boots


Fire Buckets & Stand

Fire Extinguisher Tubular Stand Chrome Plated