Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Features:

1. Input voltage:240VAC±10% / 50/60Hz

2. Battery: 24VDC

3. Charging voltage protection: 1.6Ah glass fuse

4. Sounder output: 24V nominal EOL 10K resistor

5. Auxiliary contacts: 30VDC,1A max. NC/NO

6. Main supply protection: glass fuse

7. Sounder protection: 2x500mA glass fuse

8. Reverse battery protection: charger glass fuse

9. Zone EOL: 5.6K resistor

10. Zoned visual red alarm and yellow trouble indicators

11. Continuous signal during alarm

12. Built-in battery charger

13. Low / no power and battery detection

14. Automatic loading and testing of battery

15. Evacuate ( alarm resound)

Smoke Detector

Product Features:

1. Voltage:16V ~32V DC

2. Alarm current: 10~100mA

3. Static current / voltage: 35μA / 24VDC

4. Operating temperature: 0℃ -- +90℃

5. Working humidity: <95% RH

6. Coverage: 50㎡

Heat Detector

Product Features:

1. Voltage:16V ~32V DC

2. Static current: 40μA~80μA

3. Alarm temperature: 65℃

4. Alarm current: < 30mA

5. Working humidity: <95% RH

6. Installing method: ceiling installation

7. Detecting temperature method: fixed temperature

Manual Call Point

Product Features:

1. Voltage range: 9V--24VDC

2. Static current: ≤10mA

3. Alarm current: ≤20mA

4. Operating temperature: -5℃ -- +65℃

5. Working humidity: 10%--90% RH

6.Reset able with Key

Fire Alarm Bell

Product Features:

1. Operating voltage: 24VDC±5% (no pole)

2. Operating current: ≤23mA

3. Sound level: >90dB

Sounder Strobe

Product Features:

1. Rated voltage: 24VDC

2. Rated current: 80--100mA

3. Flash intensity: 1.2s

4. Flash period: 1.5s

5. Audio alarm: 110dB

6. Humidity range: ≤95%RH

Weather Proof Sounder Flasher IP65

Product Features:

1. Working voltage:24v

2.Alarm current: 40mA(with sound +flash)/ 25mA(with sound)/15mA(with flash)

3.Operating temperature: -10 ~ 60 ºC

4.Sound pressure: >85dB 

5.Alarm mode: independent alarm 

6.Environmental humidity: ≤ 95% RH

Remote Indicator

Product Features:

Voltage: 24VDC (20mA)

Voltage: 3.3VDC (20mA)

Flash mode: 2 LED alternating lit

Flash color: red

Product size: 8.5x8.5 x3cm

MS Z2645E Emergency Light IP 65 Maintained & Non - Maintained

Product Features:

Battery Lithium 3.7V 1.5Ah

Charge Time 24H

Emergency Duration 3H

Input Voltage AC220-240V

Operation Mode Maintained/Non-Maintained

LED Qty 27pcs SMD 2835

AC Lumen 135LM / 150LM

Emergency Lumen 135LM / 150LM

Material PC

Dimension 352*110*68mm

BY-Z1003S Emergency Led Down Light

Product Features:

Charge Time 16H

Emergency Duration 3H

Input Voltage AC220V~240V

Operation Mode Maintained & Non-Maintained

LED Qty 1pcs SMD 3535

AC Lumen 280LM

Emergency Lumen 180LM

Material PC + Iron

MS-Z2035C Emergency Twin Spot Light High intensity Light

Product Features:

Super Bright Combo Heads Adjustable Twin Spot Light Automatic Exit Led Emergency Light.


Emergency Duration: ≥3H